professional lithium batteries
Do you want to get in touch with one of the professional iron phosphate-lithium power battery manufacturers and suppliers in China? FREY is one of them, welcome to buy or wholesale iron phosphate-lithium energy storage battery, iron phosphate-lithium power battery made in China from our factory. FREY has IPR of advanced nano-iron phosphate cathode materials of lithium batteries at lead position. This technology is easy to operate with high yield and environmental protection, and its technical parameters have already reached international advanced level.
Main Products and Service: research and development, production and sell of  lithium iron phosphate, the cathode materials of li-ion battery, li-ion battery and power management in integration system.


Jiangsu FREY New Energy CO., LTD has We pass through the certificates of ISO9001 Quality Management System in 2011; Our 60AH battery passes through the mandatory inspection of 201 Institute in 2013, gaining from AnBiao National Center in 2013;